Motivation: my epic game of Where’s Waldo?

Ebbs and flows, a tantalizing game of hide and seek I forever play with a thing called motivation.

I have these bouts of motivation where my energy level is high, I have zoned in on my goals with laser focus and I am energized to continue on the next leg of my journey.

I journal, I make time for me, workout, play hard and thoroughly enjoy my down time.  I have tip toed curiously and successfully found my balance between hopes and fruition.

What a lovely place to be… productivity, positivity and energy guides you with ease through each task.  To do list….I’ve got this.  Negative self talk that once occupied a space in your thoughts has been evicted. Life is pretty darn good!

And with just as much ferocity the pendulum swings downwards sending you spiraling to the familiar place you have been before; complacency.  Sigh.  Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged you take a walk around….angry at the sudden shift yet you start making excuses, coming up with reasons as to why you find yourself in this place again.  You worked hard, you deserve a break….maybe now is not the time.  Conflicting arguements seep in….why is it not the time?  You can keep doing this…one step at a time…and you begin to search for that nugget that perpelled you once before….

Ebbs and flows….let the game begin.



So #thisisme raw, no makeup, sports bra and yoga pants. I KNOW by posting this someone WILL inevitably unfriend me, someone WILL have negative thoughts or comments and others WILL not. I am me. I am so tired of #bodyshaming and watching as everyone tries desperately to be someone and something else.   Do I want change? Absolutely! I want to be a healthier version of me.  I may not have the best body, I may get moody,  I make mistakes and sometimes get caught up in the expectations society imposes.  I also have passion, uncontrollable laughing fits, motivation to learn and an unrelenting desire for self discovery.  So I say screw those that tell you to change, to be something you’re not and to live your life according to #yourownexpectations. People come and people may go; it is the people that are not loyal you should lose…not yourself.


Too often we submerse ouselves in the mirky waters of negativity.  Here we tread and we wade keeping our head above water, the days tide washes in and out.  Contradictorally comforted by the lull we silently are hoping for a floatation of “feel good” we can leverage ourselves upon.  Acts of kindness, grandeur in nature or otherwise, are disguised in each ripple as we cast our eyes outwardly fearing the stormy weather is approaching sending waves crashing and capsizing the fragment of positivity we cling too.

This blogs purpose is to embrace the subtleties life has to offer and to celebrate the random acts of kindness that too often go unnoticed.  Daily I am moved, inspired and touched by something I have read, touched, heard or witnessed.  It may be a feeling, a memory or an experience in the moment and this blog is my dream catcher of such events we tend to lose sight of.

A camera for words, I welcome you to walk alongside me in my journey with a view from my lens as I document the moments that make me feel.